SOC's Role With GoArmyEd

GoArmyEd is the virtual gateway for all eligible active duty, National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers to request Tuition Assistance (TA) online, anytime, anywhere for classroom and distance learning.

SOC serves as the academic facilitator for GoArmyEd. Our team of Academic Liaisons work with participating colleges to assist them in entering and maintaining their fully developed degree programs, courses, and classes in the GoArmyEd portal. SOC coordinates with Headquarters, Army Continuing Education System (ACES), the IT Integrator, and participating colleges to ensure that the postsecondary educational needs of Soldiers are adequately addressed.

GoArmyEd is used by:

  • Soldiers to pursue their postsecondary education goals
  • Army Education Counselors to provide educational guidance
  • Colleges to deliver degree and course offerings and to report Soldier progress

All requests for Tuition Assistance (TA) by Soldiers must be processed through GoArmyEd.