Steps In the DNS Process

All Military Education Guidance Counselors, Education Service Specialists (ESSs) and Education Services Officers (ESOs) should be familiar with SOC programs and how they support the military student. It is important as a counselor to be able to:

  • Provide a thorough explanation of SOC programs;
  • Refer servicemembers to SOC DNS member institutions offering degrees;
  • Discuss degree options, academic residency requirements, and how to navigate the SOC DNS Transferability Tables;
  • Provide instructions on how to obtain official evaluation of prior learning documentation so the college can conduct a complete official evaluation in a timely manner;
  • Expound how a SOC Degree Network System (DNS) Student Agreement reflects the results of that evaluation for a clear road map to degree completion;
  • Understand what Satisfactory Academic Progress is and be able to explain how it affects the military student.

SOC provides a number of resources to support Military Education Counselors in advising a military student through the various planning stages of the DNS process. Included in the Military Student Educational Planning section of the website are SOC publications on various aspects of voluntary education, tutorials, links to other external resources, and more!

What does Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) mean for your students?

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is used to define successful completion of coursework to maintain eligibility for student financial aid. Federal regulations require colleges and universities to establish, publish and apply standards to monitor student progress toward completion of their degree program.

If a student intends to use Title IV funds to finance their education they need to be aware of SAP policies at their academic institution.

Servicemembers want to receive maximum credit for their military experience and training. However, transcripted credits that do not apply to the degree could impact the pace at which a student progresses. Having too many credits that do not apply to the degree may impact future financial aid eligibility. It may be possible to have only the credits from military experience apply to a degree transcripted by the institution. The amount of military credit used may be less, but using only the credits that apply to the student’s degree program could help to ensure future financial aid availability.

**Questions about SAP should be directed to the financial aid office at your institution.