Military Student Educational Planning

Awarding Academic Credit for Military Training

There is great value in awarding academic credit for military training. An institution of higher learning’s commitment to determining college level credit for non-traditional coursework:

  • Recognizes college-level knowledge/skills gained from military experience;
  • Establishes an institutional value statement about military service to country;
  • Jump starts a servicemember/veteran’s academic progress by reducing the amount of coursework required for the degree;
  • Motivates a servicemember toward degree completion by communicating prior learning; and
  • Accelerates a student’s entry into the work world by shortening their degree completion time.

To ensure academic credit for military training is adequately awarded, please utilize the following resources for support through the academic planning stages with your military students.

SOC DNS Handbooks

The SOC DNS Handbooks are an advising resource for academic advisors, military counselors and servicemembers. These comprehensive guides serve as a reference tool outlining key components of the DNS including:

  • Contact and college information for all DNS member institutions
  • Degree programs
  • Delivery methods
  • On-base locations where member schools offer traditional classroom learning opportunities
  • Transferability Tables
  • The SOC DNS Student Agreement

SOC DNS Student Agreement

The cornerstone of the Degree Network System (DNS) is the SOC DNS Student Agreement. This is the college’s commitment to the student’s degree plan and a counseling tool that also brings together all the key components of the system. It encapsulates a blended learning model that includes an evaluation of traditional and non-traditional credit sources.

Not sure what academic credit should be awarded for inclusion on a Student Agreement? The ACE Military Guide and SOC DNS Credit Evaluation Supplement will help you!

ACE Military Guide

The American Council on Education (ACE) is the governing body most institutions use in determining college level credit for non-traditional coursework.

The ACE Military Guide presents credit recommendations for courses and occupations offered by all branches of the military as well as the Department of Defense. All recommendations are based on ACE reviews conducted by college and university faculty members who are actively teaching in the subject areas they review.

When advising a military student, it is important to map the ACE Military Guide credit recommendations to SOC DNS Course Categories. These mappings should serve as academic placement guidelines for optimizing the application of non-traditional credit to SOC DNS degree programs. For more information, please refer to Section 1 of the SOC DNS Credit Evaluation Supplement.

SOC DNS Credit Evaluation Supplement

The SOC DNS Credit Evaluation Supplement is a resource designed for use with the SOC DNS Handbooks and the ACE Military Guide.

The SOC DNS Credit Evaluation Supplement contains tables that suggest appropriate mappings to SOC DNS Course Categories of the following:

  • Subject Area Terms Mapped to SOC DNS Course Categories;
  • ACE recommended credit for nationally-recognized credit-by-examination programs including College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), DSST, and Excelsior College Examinations (ECE)/UExcel®; and
  • Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) courses.

Mapping is displayed on the summary page of the Joint Services Transcript (JST). College counselors and evaluators are encouraged to consider these recommendations when evaluating and applying credit to DNS degree requirements appearing on Student Agreements.