Health Sciences

  • Healthcare Practitioners & Technical Occupations
  • Healthcare Support Occupations

What type employment options does a certificate in Health Sciences prepare you for? Certificates in Health Sciences prepare students for various career responsibilities such as Dental Assisting, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), and Pharmacy Technicians. Dental Assistant students receive training to set up equipment, prepare patients for treatment, and keep records. EMT students are trained to care for sick or injured in emergency medical settings. Pharmacy Technician students are trained to help Pharmacists dispense prescription medication to customers or health professionals.

Can credits completed in this certificate be applied to an associate and/or bachelor’s degree now or at a later point in time? Credits from this certificate program can be applied to an associate degree.

What are possible job fields that this certificate can lead to? Certificates in Health Sciences could lead to occupations as a Dental Assistant, Oral Surgery Assistant, Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic, First Responder, Dispatcher, Pharmacy Technician, Dental Hygienist, Firefighter, Optician, Physical Therapy, Medical Assistant, and more.

More information on the occupations and career pathways can be found on the Advance CTE Web site at

What are the educational requirements for careers in Health Sciences? Typically vocational school training, related on-the-job experience, or an associate degree is required.

What is the occupational outlook for careers in Health Sciences? The outlook for careers in Health Sciences are described as having a “Bright” employment outlook, meaning jobs in this field are expected to grow rapidly, have large numbers of job openings, and/or are new and emerging.

What approved CTE institutions offer Health Sciences? For a list of approved CTE institutions offering certificates in Health Sciences go to the CTE certificate search tool.

Do these certificates have programmatic accreditation? The Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) accredits dental assisting training programs. The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) offers a list of accredited programs for EMTs and paramedics.The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) accredits pharmacy technician programs.